Our Master Cutters has excelled as a gem-craftsman. Each piece of rough stone is analyzed and considered very carefully before shaping the crystal into its known preform. It is very important for us to look in a parcel of preform for matches, trios, and layouts. Our fine talented craftsmen are trained to their own individual strength. We have exquisite faceting, meticulous and magnificent carving, and impeccable smooth polishing. Prior to releasing the stone to the trade we make sure that each stone's proportions, facet junctions, and polish are executed perfectly.

Our factory complies with all safety, health standards, and regulations promulgated by OSHA.

We provide instructions and training to all workers on all hazards in the work area, the purpose and proper use of machines, instruction on the safe use and care of the machines, and immediately reporting any problems. safe use of PPE.

To ensure a healthy environment to all our employees, our factory is equipped with a state of the art system of ventilations and filtration to keep the air quality clean from any particles that can damage the lungs.

The transformation of the stone from rough to cut and polish.