Laboratories in Switzerland

Gubelin Gem Lab Ltd:
Maihofstrasse 102
CH-6000 Lucerne 9,
Tel: 41-41 429-1717
Fax: 41-41-429-1734
E-mail: gubelinlab@compuserve.cem
Owner: Thomas Gublin
The oldest privetely owned gem lab, with more than six decades
Gemstone and pearl analysis and research; in particular, orign and
gem identification, syntheetics, imitation materials, and treatments.
Special Equipment:
Standard gemological equipment, horizontal microscope, Perkin
Elmer UV-Vis-NIR Spectometer, Pye Unicam FTIR Spectrometer,
Tidas multi-channel Spectrometer, Zeiss multi-channel color Spec-
trometer, digital photography. Besides this equipment, which is on
the Premises, the Laboratory continually works in cooperation with
various universities and international research facilities, that are
experts in particular fields of analysis (eg., EDXRF, SEM- EDS,
Raman, Gamma Spectrometry,etc.).
Services Offered:
Gemstone reports (single stones or groups of stones set in Jewelry),
diamond report and pearl reports, off-premise consultations, determ-
ination of gemstone origin. The lab performs gem identification on
the full range of gem materials and imitations. This includes the
detection of gemstone enhancements. Diamonds are analyzed to esta-
blish their quality, as well as the classification and determination of
the origin of color for fancy colored diamonds. Pearls are tested to
investigate the natural or cultured condition of their formation, as
well as to determine the origin of color, of grey to black pearls.
Colored gemstone reportincludes: Identification of species and variety
as well as full disclosure of gemstone enhancements, in praticular
thermal enhancement of corundum and the clarity enhancement of
emeralds and other gemstones. Diamond certs include weight,
measuremnets, shape andd cutting style, clarity and color grades,
proportions, polish and symmetry. Fancy coloreddiamond certs incl-
ude clarity grades at the request of the client, faceup color description,
color in descriptive terms, and origin of color (i.e. natural, treated).
Color photo of diamond. Pearl reports, issued on single pearls, stan-
ds, or mounted pearls include weight, shape, type and color
SSEF Swiss Gemmological Institute:
Falknerstrasse 9, CH-4001
Basel, Switzerland
Tel: 41-61-262-0640
Fax: 41-61-262-0641
The associations of Swiss gemstones and jewelry trades.
General gemological services to privates and trad.
Special Equipment:
Standard laboratory equipment for diamond and colorstone analysis
as well as pearl testing, UV-VIS spectrometers, FTIR spectrometers,
Raman microspectrometry, EDXFA chemical analyses, X-ray
radiography and X-ray diffraction.
Services Offered:
Diamond grading report (system CIBJO), diamond color authenticity;
colored stone reports, including origin determination for ruby, Sapp-
hire, emerald and alexandrite under favorable analytical conditions;
type and extent of enhancements for rudy and emeralds (the latter with
instrumental identification of filler category).
4C's, color photogragh for diamonds. Authenticity, color photogragh,
color treatment, origin upon request and feasability for colored
Educactional Programs:
:Limited gemological education such as FGA course and scientific
gemolgical course for advanced individuals.