Laboratories in Belgium

EGL Antwerp:
Schustraat 15, 2000 Antwerp
Tel: 03-233-2458
Fax: 03-232-3430
Each Location is an independent company headed by a laboratory
director. Guy Margel is the International President and Founder.
Gemological reports for diamonds and precious stones.
Special Equipment:
Most of the labs are equipped with advenced
gemological tools such as Sarin Diamension and are fully computerized.
Services Offered:
All the regular gemological services are offered
including the preliminary reports, consultation, measuring for diamonds
and colored gems.
Each diamond certificate features: Number, description,
weight, shapeand cut, measurments, proportions (depth percent, table
diameter percent, crown height percent, pavilion depth percent, girdle
thickness percent), finish grade, purity (clarity grad ), photoluminescence,
comment, plotting diagrams and date.
Educactional Programs:
Gemologocal school exists in Israel.

HRD (Diamond High Council:
Cetificate Department
Hoveniersstraat 22, 2018 Antwerp
Tel: 32-3-2220511
Fax: 32-2220605
Hoge Raad Voor Diamant vzw (HRD)
Polished diamond grading.
Special Equipment:
HRD diamond microscopes, FTIR, EDXRF, DiamondSure, DiamondView,
Sarin Diamension.
Services Offered:
Polished diamond grading, consultations.
Each HRD Diamond Certificate features: Reference number, shape, weight,
clarity grade, fluorescence, color grade, (round brilliants only): girdle, culet,
table width, crown height, pavilion depth, finish grade, comments and / or
identification marks, if applicable date. Each HRD Diamond color Certificate
features: Refrence number, shape, weight, measurements, luminescence,
color description, comments, if applicable list of examinations performed,
date. The HRD does not issue anyGrading results, or certificates for
synthetic or treated diamonds. The HRD Diamond Certificate is available
both for Cape and colored diamonds. The HRD Diamond Color Certificate
is only available for natural, untreated color diamonds, which meet certain
Educactional Programs:
Diamond grading and identification, diamond sorting, gemological course,
pearl courses.