Laboratories in Israel

European Gemological center
and College:

50 Betzalel St.
Ramat Gan 52521
Tel: 972-3-612-1375
Fax: 972-3-612-1376
Gemological Institute for Precious Stones (GIS),
Menahem Sevdermish and Avi Meiron.
Diamond grading EGL Certificates, gem identification
and grading, appraisal of diamonds, gems, and jewelry.
Special Equipment:
An elaborate tailor-made digital photography system
which allows the EGC to insert a digital photograph
of the stone into the certificate and email it upon
request. In addition, this sophisticated system includes
software which apprises the stone according to a weekly
updated diamond price-list built into the system.
Services Offered:
Dianmond grading , gem identification and grading,
appraisals of diamonds, gems, and jewelry.
Precertification evaluation of large groups of stones.
Standard EGL certificate weight, shape, measurements,
proportions (total depth, table width, crown height,
pavilion depth, girdle thickness), finish (polish,
symetry, culet), clarity grad, color grade, fluorescence,
and comments.
Note: The lab does not grade colored
diamonds and does not detect colorrelated treatments.
Educactional Programs:
Along with the European Gemological Center's
predecessor, the original GIPS lab and college, there has
been a gemological college in existence for 25 years,
with 2,500 gradustes. Various gemological courses
curriculum based on Menahem Sevdermish's book:
The Dealer's Book of Gem and Diamonds for grading,
sorting, and appraising rough and polished diamonds
and precious stones. Special one-on-one manager's
training course.
EGL Israel:
Diamond Exchange Noam Bldg.
Suite 112, 52 Betzalel St.
Ramat Gan 52521
Tel: 972-3-752-8428
Fax: 972-3-751-0047
Additional services provided through the European
Gemological Center (EGC) in Ramat Gan.
European Gemological Laboratory.
Diamond grading EGL Certificates.
Special Equipment:
The EGL lab invest in the latest technology to
improve the grading process and to create an effeiciant
working atmosphere for both gemologists and clients.
Services Offered:
Diamond consultation. Grading and certification of
diamonds. The European Gemological Center (EGC)
provides an exension of services: Gem identification and
grading, appraisals of diamonds, gems, and jewelry,
various gemological courses: Diamonds, precious
stones, rough diamonds.
Standar EGL certificate has carat weight, shape and cut,
measurements, proportions (total depth, table width,
crown height, pavilion depth, girdle thickness) finish
( polish, symmetry, culet), clarity grade, graining, color
grade, Fluorescence, and comments.
Note: The labe
does not grade colored diamonds. The lab grades
fracture-filled and laser-drilled diamonds, taking the
treatment into account when grading the clarity of the
stone. The certificate clearly maks the laser drill on the
stone diagram, and discloses any type of treatment in
the comments, specifuing the nature of the treatment.
Educactional Programs:
Various gemological courses for diamonds, precious
stones, and rough diamonds are provided through the
European Gemological Center.
I.D.I. Gemological Laboratories:
(Formerly GILI ).
(A subsidiary of the Israel Diamond Institute)
54 Betxalel Street
Ramat Gan 52521
Tel: 972-3-751-7843
Fax: 972-3-752-6675
The lab is a sibsidiary of the Israel Diamond Institute.
The Israel Diamond Institute is comprised of the
government, the labor union, and all the organizations of
the diamond industry i.e.; Is DMA, and the Israel
Diamond Exchange.
Diamond grading and certification.
Special Equipment:
IDI gemological laboratory installed a ragiogragh machine
specially designed for the lab. This instrument x-rays the
stone and scientifically proves whether it has been
fracture-filled by a foreign substance of any type.
Services Offered:
Diamond consultations. Special 16-facet stage consulta-
tions to improve manufaturing of stone. Diamond
identification. Diamond grading and certification.
Description (natural diamond), shape and cut
(measurements, weight), proportions (depth percentage),
table diameter percentage (girdle thickness, culet grade,
color grade (ultravialet Fluorescence).
Note: The labe
does not grade colored diamonds. The lab plots laser drills
in the diagram and in the comments. The lab does not
grade fracture filled stones, but at the client 's request, will
issue a separate report stating that the stone has been treated.