Laboratories in USA

AGTA Gemological Testing Center:
18 East 48th Street Suite 1002
New York N.Y 10017
Tel: 212 752-1717
Fax: 212 750-0930
American Gem Trade Association.
Colored stones including origin reporting,
and the identification of clarity enhancing
fillers in emerald and other stones.
Special Equipment:
EDXRF, FTIR, Raman, UV visible, Photo-
meters, X-radiography.
Services Offered:
Colored stone identification, pearl identification
batch testing of amethyst.
Description, color, transparency, weight, dime-
nsion, shape, cut, enhancement information,
country of origin, color photograph, general
information on back.

AGS American Gem Society

8881 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Tel: 702 233-6120
Fax: 702 233-6125
Web: www.ags;
The lab is owned 51 percent by the American Gem
Society and 49 percent by privete investors.
Diamond grading with an emphasis on cut grading.
Services Offered:
Diamond Quality Document, Diamond Quality
Report, Diamond Consultation.
Educactional Programs:
The American Gem Society has numerous titles
that its members can earn. They are: Registered
Supplier, Registered Jeweler, Certified Gemolo-
gist, Certified Gemologist Appraiser, and lastly,
Certified Sales associate.

IGI New York International
gemmological Institute:

I.G.I Inc., 575 Fifth Aven
New York N.Y 10017
Tel: 212 753-7100
Fax: 212 753-7759
LOcationr: Antwerp, Israel, Bangkok.
Diamond and Colored Stone Reports, Jewelry
Identification and Appraisal Reports.
Special Equipment:
Spectrophotometer, Sarin Diamension, Digital Systems,
diaomnd master comparison sets, De Beers Diamond Sure,
De Beers Diamond View, all necessary equipment needed for
gemological purposes.
Services Offered:
Team of gemologists travelling on the five continents and
offering Gemological analysis and I.G.I reports at the local
jewelry manufacturer and dealer premises. Diamond laser
Diamonds: Color, clarity, polish, symmetry and proportion
grade. Colored Stones: Origin (usually(, identification and
Educactional Programs:
Polished and rough diamond courses, colored
stone courses,
diamond correspondence courses.


AGL American Gemological Laboratory Inc:
Gem Sciences Research Center
580 Fifth Avenue, Suite 706
New York N.Y 10036
Tel: 212 704-0727
Fax: 212 764-7614
AGL was established in 1977 as a privately held Corporation.
All stockholders have no commercial intrest in the gemstone
The American Gemological Laboratory function primarily as
a buyer"s lab. Sellers interested in protecting their reputation
and the interestof their clients, commonly prefer a buyer's
report. Our main focus is comprehensive colored stone examin-
ation including detailed country of origin analysis, enhancement
detection and full quality reports for important colored stones.
The laboratory also specializes in large-scal, international
projects such as developing the disclosure framework for the U.S
jewlery Industry Gemstone Enhancement Guidelines developing
gemstone mining projects, sa well as establishing laboratory and
training facilities around the warld for the UN Mineral Branch.
Special Equipment:
Testing procedures integrate AGL's 10,000 plus sample reference
collection into the reporting process. Instrumental procedures
are selected according to project requirements, and include standard
analysis such as microprobe, ultra violet, visible, infrared spectr-
oscopy, Raman analysis, as well as, adveanced testing techniques,
such as, PIXIE, PAS and OPO investigations.
Services Offered:
AGL's buyer's protection policy for colored stone and diamond
acquisition typically results in comprehensive reporting formats
that contain country of origen, enhancements and full grading
information that are the most informative and detailed in the
industry, typically and maintaining plus or minus one half grade
tolerances for colored stone and diamond information.
Country of Origin reports include the separation between classic
and non-classic localities. Enhancement documents include a
comprehensive description indicating heat alteration levels, and
the clarity grade of the material at the time of examination with
an enlarged digitized image. Fullquality reports contain color,
clarity,cutting, finish grades and brilliancy assessment, as well
assessment, as well as details of countryof origin and enhancem-
ents. Each quality report also contains a Total Quality Integration
Rating that summarizes all the individual elements on the report
into a single quality rating scale.
Educactional Programs:
Advanced training programs address complex gem analysis issues.
Comprehensive training in colored stone grading, instrumental
gemstone analysis and advanced enhancement/treatment detection
are primary areas of concentration. Most courses require basic un-
dergraduate training such as GIA or FGA entry level material
equivalent experience.
550 S. Hill St., #840
Los Angele, CA 90013
Tel: 213 534-2223
Fax: 213 5342224
Tom and Myriam Tashey
Diamond reports, color stone identification and country
of origin reports.
Special Equipment:
Sarin Diamension, Gran colorimeter.
Services Offered:
Certs, consultations, mini's ID's, country of origin,
verbals, free ID of treated diamonds or diamond sim-
ulants (CZ, moissanite).
Color, clarity scale. Origins, enhancement, identifica-
tion for colored stones. We do state Tolkowsky cut if
properties are within tolerance.
Educactional Programs:
Classes on practical grading and seminars on curent
issues. No cert program.

6 West 48th Street 3th Floor
New York N.Y 10036
Tel: 212 730-7380
Fax: 212 842-5180
Services include diamond certification, colored stone
certificets, pearl identification, origin of country
reports, gem identification services, consultation,
fancy color diamond grading reports, and appraisal
Special Equipment:
Standard gem identification equipment plus X-radi-
ography and X-ray fluorescence unit, SAS 2000
Spectrophotometer System, Sarin Diamension
proportion analysis.
Color grade, clarity grade, cut grade scale for diamonds
origin of color, origin of country, enhancement info-
mation, colored stone identification, photographs of
gemstones, tamper resistant security features.
Educactional Programs:
Currently offered in Europe and soon to be offered in
the U.S.A
(Check with EGL on starting date).
Note: European Gemological Laboratory is the largest
network of gemological laboratories in the world with
brnches currently operating in eight countries.EGL
USA is known as one of the most efficient laborator-
ies in the U.S. with an avrege completion time of 48
to 72 hours for all services. We also have a reputation
for offering presonalized service. Clients can speak
with a gemolodist.